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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Transparent Wallpaper

Now that’s a great idea for a desktop wallpaper – place a photo from what’s behind the screen to make it look transparent! (Remember when Indiana Jones crossed the bridge at the end of the Last Crusade?)

Queryster SearchX

Jie Kang sent in this: “Here is something cool, SearchX, a hack based on or inspired by Google X, the Apple OS X-themed Google search interface.” SearchX collects the search engines Queryster, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Wisenut, Teoma, AltaVista, Amazon, Ebay, A9, and Google. (And via RT, here’s yet another Google X clone – this one with the “genie effect” navigation at the bottom, which makes it even more OS X-like.)

April 1st?

Suspense is building up to April 1st and what will happen with Google, because remembering last year, people have great expectations. (Last year, Gmail went live with a by that time unbelievable 1GB storage.) Pierre in the forum suspects the following will happen, and it sounds reasonable to me:

  1. Gmail comes out of beta.
  2. Gmessenger goes on beta.
  3. A real April fish surfaces.

If GIM goes live, there will likely be a new round of privacy discussions. After all, Google would display their context ads based on what you chat about.

Now you might say... Google won’t be repeating their last April Fool’s approach, as no one would be surprised. But by that argument, we would be surprised, right? (And if you’re still not convinced, don’t forget in August 2003, both Gmail and Google Desktop Search have been predicted in this blog!)


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