Strange MSN Map

According to Microsoft's directions system, the quickest way from Haugesund, Norway, to Trondheim, Norway, goes all the way through Germany, the UK, and a bunch of other countries. [Thanks Markus R.]

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Stereoscopic ASCII Vision

A cool idea by WebReference which I simplified and copied here: sterescopic ASCII vision, created with JavaScript. [Via Waxy.]

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Google Mini

"Google's Enterprise Group announced a major software update for the Search Appliance to corporations and introduced the "Google mini"*, a scaled down version of the search server."
-- Wolfgang Gruener, Google's search appliance goes 'mini', January 13, 2005

*It's $27,000 cheaper than its big brother.

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Google Baby

A lot of different babies lately are wearing Google.

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Google Fake News

Google releases Google Fake News (OK, so it's a joke). [Via InsideGoogle.]

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