A Farewell to Hotmail

Today, April 1st 2004, marks the death of Hotmail. We will always remember it as someone we hated, but had to take care of. Checking our email for spam just to delete it was as much fun as taking out the trash. We will remember the hours of teaching friends to use FTP clients just so they wouldn't flood our inbox. We remember switching to Oddmail, and Yahoo, and others.

We remember all the hassle.

Most of all, we remember the painful storage limitation that was the source of all this hassle. But now the world is a different place. The big G has spoken, and all is good. We will get a gigabyte of storage. We will get a gigabyte to solve our problems; a gigabyte to be there for friends in need; a gigabyte to forever prevent any important mail to get lost; a gigabyte to share our joy and happiness as being recorded by little digital cameras we lately integrate into our hand phones.

Hotmail, most of all, kept us humble, and reminded us we are not worthy to live a life knowing no obstacles. In that it was teaching us a valuable lesson. We were tought; we learned; and we are ready to move on. Move away. Move ahead. Embrace the G.

Today marks the death of Hotmail. We assembled here to mourn, but we also want to show our newfound trust in life. Hotmail is forever gone, but it will always linger on in our minds, reminding us of how good the big G treats us. Hotmail is thankfully gone, but may it rest in piece. To have known the worst means to appreciate the best. May G's mail be all that and more, and may it lead us into spam free realms.

This is not an April's fool -- this is the answer to our prayers. Empty your mind and give up your privacy; there are no secrets before G. Your sins are forgiven. Pray. Resent. Be grateful. The big G's love is free. And it comes in 8 589 934 592 little bits. The stars in the sky are of no greater number.

Today, Hotmail died. But something far, far greater was born out of its ashes. Today marks the day of the birth of Gmail.