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Google AdSense for domains

Maximize revenue on your parked pages with Google AdSense for domains.

What is AdSense for domains?

AdSense® for domains allows domain name registrars and large domain name holders to unlock the value in their parked page inventory. AdSense for domains delivers targeted, conceptually related advertisements to parked domain pages by using Google’s semantic technology to analyze and understand the meaning of the domain names. Our program uses ads from the Google AdWords™ network, which is comprised of thousands of advertisers worldwide and is growing larger everyday. Google AdSense for domains targets web sites in over 25 languages, and has fully localized segmentation technology in over 10 languages.

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Our Technology

AdSense for domains is scalable and easily implemented so that your network of sites can start earning revenue quickly and easily. We offer a robust automated targeting solution powered by our AdRank algorithm that intelligently selects the most relevant ads and categories for your domains. Additionally, we augment our semantic targeting with manual and automated optimization techniques.

Services and Features

Our HTML service is easy to implement, enabling you to start generating revenue immediately. Partners who have established a strong relationship with Google can explore the option of using our XML feed. Additional features include online per-domain reporting, to help partners analyze their portfolio, and advanced popular categories. Google continues to innovate across all of our businesses, and partners who sign up for AdSense for domains can expect additional improvements in the future.

Partner with the industry’s leading parked page service

Powering millions of domain names, Google AdSense for domains is the industry’s premier parked page service. Google is seeking new partnerships with large domain portfolios owners. As a leading innovator and one of the fastest growing ad providers on the web, we want to build strong relationships with partners who have a proven record of high-quality traffic and who share our vision of providing highly relevant advertising on parked page inventory. We align our goals squarely between Google and our partners, making the user experience positive while generating revenues for both parties. To learn more about the Google AdSense for domains program, please read the FAQs or contact us.


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