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- I really like my LIFE and I believe it is the best one can get, considering it's BETA of course. But I don't want it to just stay BETA forever. It's been to long.... and I am ready to start using an upgraded version of it. Does anyone have a clue when it will get out of BETA stage?? Any ideas? Thanks! - Feb 8, 7:36 pm

--Do not expect too much from an upgrade, man. Maybe a few less headaches, a little more sex, who knows ... - Feb 8, 7: 40 pm

-What is BETA stage? - Feb 8, 7:42 pm

-Beta refers to the Greek alphabet, alpha, beta, gamma, etc, you moron. Ever wonder why it's called an "alphabet" ? - Feb 8, 7:54 pm

-The BETA stage of LIFE means that it's good enough to start having amoebas testing it, which is what we're all doing. And the gods, call them developers or whatever, do not care that you are not unicellular. It's called "beta testing" when you want to sound smart. You can call it HELL if you want....Anyways, It's usually good enough, but there're no guarantees....Basically life beta testing for most humans is just a notch more reliable than a 60 days weather forecast.....LOL - Feb 8, 8:03 pm

- Why not call it ALPHA stage? - Feb 8, 8:14 pm

- Well, "alpha" is a first release of a software product that is usually tested only by the developers, which is not the case here.


- Hey, I've been using Life for a little over 17 years now and I am having a hard time dealing with it. Does anybody know how long this experiment will take? - Feb 9, 7:12 am

- It is ridiculous that I was provided with such a miserable Life. After using it for more than 43 years I am really pissed off. Where can I drop a complaint? - Feb 9, 7:23 am

- I can't understand why people complain so much about Life. Did they not read about it beforehand? Did they not accept the terms of use?- Greg ....LOL - Feb 9, 7:34 am

- Very funny Greg :)))) - Feb 9, 7:38 am

- Here's information copied from the " Life Help Center": There is no such thing as "destiny", please be patient, Life is RANDOM. - Feb 9, 2:17 pm

- Well, perhaps there is some sort of criteria/conditions that regulate that "randomness" of Life :)) - Feb 9, 2:21 pm

- Life gives users the ability to make a few choices. If you don't happen to see a blue sky, don't panic....- Feb 9. 2:28 pm

- Somebody in this group mentioned about people offering their souls to live forever. Believe me, it is not worth it.- Ruth - Feb 9, 5:13 pm

- I am with you Ruth...Just the thought of living forever gives me the chills....LOL.- Feb 9, 5:19 pm

- Hey guys, sometimes this is as good as it gets This Life is Beta and it's free. If you don't like it you can always drop dead!!! - Feb 9, 5:24 pm

- I can't understand why people complain so much about Life.
Did they not read about it beforehand?
Did they not accept the terms of use?...LOL - Vic - Feb 9, 6:04 pm

- Apparently not Vic, and that tells me something right?.:)))) - Feb 9, 6:09 pm

- Hi. Sorry to change the subject but I can't leave with my salary !
Is it only me or is it happening to a lot of people ?- Mike - Feb 9. 6:17 pm

- This is a well known bug Mike and apparently "they" are not doing anything about it. - Feb 9, 6:23 pm

- Oh get a life will you, this is still the Beta stage so chill out guy...- Feb 9, 6:27 pm

- Talking about getting a life...I am seriously considering leaving this group! - Feb 9, 6:34 pm


- Hello, Is anyone else experiencing unreliable good news on TV today ? - Feb 10, 9:14 pm

- Could someone help please, i am new in this group, my name is Bob and i can't get laid.....why? - Feb 10, 9:22 pm

- I couldn't get laid and didn't know why - try this Bob: ( it may or may not work for you, it did for me ) click tools, Internet options, advanced tab, look under browsing and uncheck the box " enable third party browser extensions " - Good luck! - Feb 10, 9:45 pm

- Can someone please explain why my self esteem won't show?

- Hi , my name is Marc, i am 42 years old and i just got out of a 37 years coma. I love this life !!! - Feb 10, 9:53 pm

- Come back in two years Marc, ...LOL - Feb 10, 9:56 pm


-Hi Folks, I can see the past but how can i see the future? I cant find any organ, button or similar things for this in my body. Is this a common problem and is there a way around it? Thanks. - Feb 11, 5:51 am

- Me too! - Feb 11, 6:05 am

- Me too!!! - Feb 11, 6:06 am

-Hello Everybody, I'm new! So here is my first question: how do I store a good memory so I will never forget? See you and many thanks - Feb 11, 6:32 am

- Hi. My name is Carl and I am accessing my memory the same way for the last sixty two years and for some reason the process is not working so well lately. I am sure those memories are there but I can't download it like I used to do years ago. Is there a way around this? Maybe it's a known bug or maybe I am doing something wrong. Help me please - Feb 11, 8:41 am

- Carl, I have a similar problem. I am trying to save my memories but I don't want to have to keep re-attaching it, pasting them and all that jazz. My friends are tired of hearing the same stories every day! Is there a way for me to save a memory without having to forward it or writing it down? - Feb 11 8:48 am

- Try to live the present Carl....- Feb 11 8:49 am

- Please help, I have 34 bad memories that wont delete Does any one know what I should do? Is there a spam box in my brain? - Feb 11, 1:05 pm

- Hi, I keep getting bad grades at school and my brain says that I am using 91% of its storage capacity....but where? How do I access it and delete the stuff I do not use?- Feb 11, 2:51 am


-hey, why don't we create a new and better Life than this one?

- I'd say don't give up just yet....give it a chance to get out of beta stage before you pass too much judgement on it. After it's out of beta, though, you should expect all features to work smoothly, and if it's not, THEN get mad! LOL!!- Lisa

- But Lisa, when will it be out of beta? Will I be alive then? Will I ever experiment a life where all features work smoothly? Come on guys, we shall all be dead by then....- Ron

-While I know lots of people are frustrated when things aren't working properly, take a long deep breath and remember that right now Life is in beta format. There are going to be problems throughout the test period (which is what beta is for), and it's how the life developers are going to discover the quirks and bugs, with our use and experimentation.

- I say let's do something now! I am tired of waiting...,

- Yep, let's move to a parallel universe.... :-)))

- At this point Ron, I guess my advice would be to continue using this live, but keep a separate plan in mind just in case. Remember, this life is free.

- If you've had it with this life Ron, I have heard some good things about Alpha Centaurus paid service - not necessarily their tech support, but the service reliability in general, so hopefully there is less of a *need* for tech support there .

- This life tech support is an issue right now as well, by the way. But I agree it's hard to complain too much about anything while they're still testing.

- How long will this take? Another couple of million years?- Ron


--Trouble getting FRIENDS!!!...I got a question here, how long would it take before you can get friends? I am almost 23 years now and still i don't have friends.Hope to hear from you guys!!! Thanks..- Steve.

- It varies Steve. Some people have friends very quickly, some have to wait much longer, and some never make them. There's no way to answer your question with a time, though.

- Hello Steve... there is a option on your mail server to get friends...just type the e-mail, add it to Friends and you are done....:-))))

-Hi, I have the same problem, Steve. I'm in several Life Sex Groups. I've noticed that I keep getting an orgasm every five minutes, but no friends :-(
This is VERY frustrating. Can anyone help me, please? - Lucy

- What The Heck is an orgasm Lucy ??

- Have you tried a free cycle group, Lucy?

- I would rather have a friend than an orgasm....

- I've tried everything but all in vain... No friends !!! No orgasms !!! What is causing this problem? Should I blame Life ? plzzzzz help me...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Hi Life folks, do you need friends? I have some extras...e-mail me and I will send you some.


- Sometimes I find myself surrounded by puzzles...Why can't I tell if the food is good just by looking at it? Why do I have to taste it to reach a conclusion.? We know from our experience that most of the time the food isn't good and still there is no way to tell without tasting it...ARGGGGGGGHHHHH!! - Jeff

- Jeff, you can always suggest this features to the Life developers team, It would be cool if we could filter bad food just by looking at it....

- Why don't you start using your nose Jeff ! Most of the time I can tell it from the smell, LOL...

-Guys, we all know that five senses are not enough but we should give the Life team more time. I am sure that after this beta stage of Life they are going to introduce more senses.

- I hope they skip The Sixth Sense. I don't care to see the spirits of dead people all around me. By the way, my grandfather can tell if it's going to about that as a feature !

- Hy, i am new in this group and I have a question: Does Life support happiness in a daily basis?
If not when will this option be available? Thanks- Larry

- Although Life does not support happiness in a daily basis, let's not forget that the Life developers team gave us some alternative options like Psychotherapy, Prozac etc...


- Help !! I'm not receiving enough money to live .What is going on with my Life?!? - William

- Don't panic William. Other Life users have wrote in by the hundreds to say they are not getting enough money to live. I am sure this problem will be corrected soon. For the time being just be patient, cut some expenses and go eat a pizza or something...

- Hi, I am new in this group, so excuse me if I should already know the answer. Is there a way to avoid boring or single-minded people getting into your Life? Shouldn't there be a button to make them disappear?

- That is something they are considering adding...but they are afraid the number of Life users will drop considerably...You should vote for it on the suggestions ....

-I second the motion and I hope they implement this feature in the near future....meanwhile I suggest we acquire some other interests or hobbies different than socialization.

-We all avoid certain people. As a matter of fact we avoid more people than we associate with. It is necessarily this way because of the size of the world's population and the limited amount of time we all have. But we also avoid people intentionally, which is sometimes good and sometimes not so good. Gets very confusing. Life is surreal, to say the least .....

- Hi, everyone. Sorry to change the subject but I just read in the Technology Review that Prof. Aubrey de Gray thinks he can defeat death. Can you imagine? Live forever!!?

-Is he nuts?

-Let's hope so....


Though it's not a must, is there a way one can create a new life with a different name? - Sybil

-Since most everyone suffers from weakly-connected consciousness, this appears not only possible but natural and normal. However, the case where the different people inhabiting the body are complete strangers to each other we do recognize as a pathological disorder- Brian

- I agree with long as there is not a total and complete disconnection of the different parts of the self you can have as many lives as you want Sybil!

- Hy, When I try to have sex with my girlfriend I am getting the "Oops...." message and my access is denied. What is going wrong? I am not using any attachment to justify such a reaction!!!

- HEEELP! My Life is being bombarded: I submitted a comment to this group , and now I am receiving e-mails from everyone that posts a question. How do I prevent this??

- At the top of the group page click on "unsubscribe or change account". In there you can select to receive posts in your email. Be sure that option is not checked. Once you do that, the e-mails will stop. Good Luck! - Mike

- Thank you Mike, I can't stand these Life Groups posts in my inbox anymore...


-Hello Life Support Team,
My name is Jing Hui and I belong to the he largest nonsectarian Buddhist association in the US east coast. I am quite happy with the good Life service you provide. Nevertheless, I have some ideas to improve it and make life better:

1) Please create a good sequence of lives, one that makes some sense and let our spirit improve. For instance, if I live in a magnificent duplex penthouse on Park Avenue, don't bring me back as a homeless....(please!).

2). Find and remove duplicates. If I was a dog in a past life I don't want to be a dog again!

3) If some user have more than 3 unsuccessful lives then he should receive an alert and be temporary blocked for 1500 years, sincerely yours, Jing Hui.

-I would like to join in wishes of Jing Hui and invite you all to visit the BuddhaNet - Buddhist Information and Education Network, , a not-for-profit service supported entirely by users donations. Have a nice day -Venerable Pannyavaro (BuddhaNet's Webmaster).

- It's no good you guys posting your suggestions here. It's not like the Life team read this list (it would likely drive them nuts). Go here: - Mike

Hi everyone,
My life is kind of dull. Hate to compare, but other people lives are full of excitement ... . What is the best way to include emoticons in my Life? - Kumar

-You mean graphically, don't you Kumar? Because most people lives do not support real emotions.This is a common bug. I suggest you use the following:

:)   Happy
:(   Sad
:-D   Big smile
;)   Wink
;-p   Sticks tongue out
Good luck!!



-Mi vida funciona correctamente de lunes a viernes, pero durante el fin de semana no funciona :((( Alguien podria ayudarme y decirme que sucede? Estoy apesadumbrado pero no hablo inglÚs muy bien...

-Ramon I can see your sorrow :( ...crying is 2 parenthesis but you have 3 <shocked> !
You must be wetting the floor with your tears!!!!! Do you have "kids" at home?? I wonder if that could be causing trouble. They can act weird.- Mike

-Man I wish I could help you to fully enjoy this wonderful Life - Tom

-Way to go, prozaque!

-- Hy, Is there an option to choose our color? Perhaps I've missed something? - Gladys

- Nope, that isn't how it works.Michael Jackson is a good example we shouln't temper with our color.......he messed with it all and his current color: toilet paper pink! Maybe someday, but not yet Gladys.

- This is driving me crazy. My life was going fine until the last few days when for no reason at all some questions keep popping in my head....What's the purpose of all this? Is there Life after Life?- Richard

- Don't panic Richard... and about the last question, lets hope it ends here!

- I can never seem to decide if Life is absurd by design or by accident Richard, maybe that's our biggest problem....but does it really matter?


- I wish I could keep my life private but that seems to be impossible. I have the feeling that everyone, not only my friends and my neighbors, but people in the other side of the world, read and process all my secrets. If I wanted to go public with my life I would just post it on my website !! Much easier to let the whole world see it that way. Someone has to take action against this practice. Why should we give up or privacy?

-This has been discussed over and over. Remember George Orwell's 1984? This is how I see the Life Team. They are watching us. But I'm yet to read a highly critical review of the Life Team behavior where the wording convinces me that it was written by a knowledgeable person rather than a semi-literate person who only thinks they have a clue.

-We all suspect Life has a "dark side". We are now more than 10 billion people in this small planet and no business can grow the way Life has without striving towards their own self-interest. But frankly, anyone who uses ANY Life service for purposes where privacy is paramount deserves to pay a price for their complete naivety and stupidity.

- WOW!...It seems you guys are all under the influence of some really bad stuff...Why don't you turn off your computers and have a nice and cold beer (a six pack if necessary). Cheer up!- Dan

- Good point Dan! Although I'm a recent Life user (I am only 17), I already have much to praise, specially after I solved my underage problem with a fake id.

- -????

- Yes ????, let's have a bear sometime. long as it's not Sapporo ...LOL

- It's nice to see happy people looking forward a long and enjoyable life!

- Let's not forget that although Life is free, with Medicare cost skyrocketing, it's hard to pass 78 ....
P. J.

- What we need is more market competition P. J.

- Well Jane, here are some good news: Google stock jumped 15 percent this morning on rumors that it may soon launch its own Life Project. Some say it's going to be in Jupiter do to it's size. Google's service is also going to be free but for a small fee you will be able to live 120 years....