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Our Search Syntax

Here at Patriot Search, you can just go ahead and enter something in the search box and let us figure out what you mean. However, there are also a few advanced search operators that help you refine your query for better results and more precise government analysis.

The Terrorist Operator

By typing terrorist:true preceding any search query, you tell us and the governments of the world that you are in fact a terrorist, or involved in terrorist activity, or planning to get involved in such activity, or that you once met a terrorist (or you met someone who met a terrorist). If you are no terrorist, you can type terrorist:false.

Please note that "true" is the default value if you omit the "terrorist" operator – after all, everyone is a potential terrorist.

The Instant Report Keyword

By typing instant-report preceding a given search query, you make sure your data is submitted even faster. Usually, it takes about 1 month for your government (or the government of another country) to analyze your private data. In the age of terror and increasing miscellaneous criminal activity around the globe, a single month can be a long time. If you feel your search query might include critical information, we suggest you use the instant-report operator.