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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Questions Instead of Answers


A new FindForward feature is giving questions instead of answers. Try it with George Bush, Einstein, Michael Moore, or any other subject, person, event, thing and concept you like.
Another new feature is called “Old Pages” and browses mid to late-90s relicts.

Wired Google Cover Story

[Wired Cover]

Good news for Googlefans are waiting on magazine shelves this March. The new issue of Wired cover story is: Googlemania - The Complete Guide (With Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Masters of the Googleverse). [Via The Unofficial Google Weblog]

All the features online:

MSN Cleaning Up... Partly


Microsoft’s MSN Search is cleaning up their result pages. Previously when you entered “Linux”, there were a lot of unusual pro-Microsoft links in the results. Not so anymore. However the first result, a “featured” website (Amazon) is still not differentiated enough from normal Web results. Now what exactly is a “featured” site? It’s not a sponsored result, which moved to the right side of the results – or is it? Microsoft writes:

“MSN Search chooses these sites from those published by MSN affiliates, partners, sponsors, and advertisers, as well as other sites proven to be especially popular among MSN Search users.”
Microsoft Help Entry

It’s not a big deal, but just why can’t Microsoft stop being evil?

Centuryshare: World War

The peaks for “World War” in FindForward show 1914 and 1918, as well as 1939 and 1945. These are the start and end years of World War I and II. [Via FindForward 1900-1950]

Using the Centuryview tool I also came across these interesting Apple Ads (I suggest downloading the files to the disk first, as the download can be slow).

When Yahoo Finds Faster

Interesting: the new word “memecodes” I mentioned here yesterday was picked up by Yahoo. Google doesn’t show any results so far. (Note my blog is in the Yahoo Directory, which might be spidered faster than other pages.) Usually no one is faster than the Googlebot...


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