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Saturday, February 28, 2004

New Yahoo Weblog

There is a new Yahoo! Weblog.

The sayings of Chairman Schmidt

Tidbits of Eric Schmidt of Google at UC Berkeley CSEE department Research Symposium (quoted by Geodog’s MT Weblog):

“My policy for Google execs: for sixty minutes a day, they are required to be offline.

From every piece of data on the growth of the Internet that Google sees, we don’t see anything slowing down. The information industry is booming.

Google cares a lot about power and temperature. Google servers use more than 10 megawatts of power. Fires are a big problem. Sometimes I think that Google’s fundamental mission is to move air from one server rack to another server rack. Running a data center is a lousy business. Every data center we have been in has gone bankrupt.

Google’s architectural problems are power, especially provisioning it, aggregating the data, since we have thousands of copies of the Internet, and scale problems. The speed of light is a problem.

If you can solve a real end user problem, you are guaranteed to be a big success.”
– Geodog, The sayings of Chairman Schmidt: Eric Schmidt of Google on Orkut and other topics at Berkeley (Geodog’s MT Weblog), February 28, 2004 [Via Battelle.]

Dave’s Quick Search Bar

“Google does it right: they are fast . Their loadtime is quick. Their searches are instantaneous. Voila! What could be faster?

Good question. You know that the I’m Feeling Lucky button speeds things up. So does a shortcut to Google on your taskbar, and so does the official Google Toolbar . And maybe you’re already using all that.

Still need to go faster? Install Dave’s Quick Search Deskbar. It launches Google, Yahoo and other searches straight from your desktop taskbar.”
Dave’s Quick Search Deskbar, [Via Gadgetopia]

Biblical Figure at Google Party

“But he, and other Google employees at the party, said finding people who fit into the company’s admittedly oddball culture is just as important as finding those with talent. Staffers with dyed hair were commonplace. One employee, bearing a striking resemblance to a Biblical figure with long hair and a scraggly beard, walked around barefoot all night.”
– Ben Berkowitz, Google prospects party like it’s 1999 (Reuters), 27/02/2004

On Schwarzenegger’s "Commando" Movie

“Imagine a film stripped of any semblance of plot and reduced to pure, unadulterated action. It is the Google of action movies – simple, easy to understand, almost elegant. That is Commando.”
– Friend of Mark Ayzenshtat, Fine Cinema (Marked for Dearth), 2/28/2004

Your Brain Being Augmented by Google

[Larry Page via Google Press Center]

“On the more exciting front, you can imagine your brain being augmented by Google. For example you think about something and your cell phone could whisper the answer into your ear”
– Larry Page, Google Co-Founder Page Mum on IPO Plans (Reuters), February 26 2004

Also see: The Online Brain (short story).


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