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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Skip Intro Button Gallery

If you want to turn Google into a Flash-plugged “Skip Intro” button gallery, use the following seach:

filetype:swf (skipintrobutton | skipbutton | buttonskip | skipbtn)

Typo Generator

This image of “Google” was created automatically using the Typo generator.

Search Engine in the Making

You can watch Boxsea as he’s trying to construct a search engine from scratch.

Technorati Politics

Technorati announces to go live with this coming Sunday. According to Technorati co-founder David Sifry, the site will make it easy for everyone “to see the postings of the most linked-to political bloggers, to track the ideas with the fastest-growing buzz, and to monitor conversations in thousands of other political blogs.”

The Orkut Language Wars

“Thousands of Brazilians have become devotees of Orkut (...), a popular new social-networking site from Web search leader Google Inc. (...)

But the rush of Brazilians to join Orkut and rival social networking sites has upset some online users, who complain of a proliferation of messages posted in Portuguese, Brazil’s native tongue. (...)

Orkut said Brazilians dominated its membership roster in June, outnumbering Americans for the first time.”
– Alberto Alerigi, Brazil Internet Craze Angers English Speakers (Reuters), Jul 17 2004

Super Google Man

Via comes an image of Super Google Man, saving a poor webmaster from a pile of trouble.

List of PageRank 10 Pages

Here is an extensive list of PR10 pages, and some of them you might not have seen.

Daniel Brandt’s Googlebomb

Daniel Brandt of told me the following:

“I claim to be the first Google bomber whose bomb was deliberately destroyed by an algorithm hack at the Googleplex. I’m talking about the “out-of-touch executives” Google bomb.

I discovered two days ago that my bomb got bombed. My research indicates that this is how Google did it:

If your search term includes the adjacent two words “touch” and “executives,” regardless of which order they are in, then the links from my pages with the “out-of-touch executives” are discounted and do not provide any “juice" for the results you see. However, each of these words by itself provides juice, as long as the two words are not adjacent. (...)

Yesterday I changed all my links on my bombers from “executives” to “management.” There’s no sense in beating a horse after Google shoots it dead.”
- Daniel Brandt, 7/22/2004

This is also being discussed in the forum.

Alan Moore on Information Culture

“I feel that we may be approaching a cultural boiling point. I’m not saying this is a good thing or a bad thing; I really don’t know because I can’t imagine it, quite frankly. But I think we may be approaching the point at which the amount of information we are taking becomes exponential, and I’m not entirely certain what kind of human culture will exist beyond that point. Except it will happen sooner than we expect, and the difference between us and the kind of people that will exist after such an event will be vastly different than the difference between us and the hunter-gatherer society we’ve evolved from.”
– Alan Moore (author of comic books Watchmen, V for Vendetta), The man who invented the future (, July 22, 2004

URL Rewriting

If you are working with searchbots, you want to have clean-looking URLs – nevermind where your content comes from or how it is scripted. On Apache you can rewrite any URL to look like any other by using “.htaccess” files, which is a great tool. If ever you feel lost, the Users Guide to URL Rewriting with the Apache Webserver provides a lot of samples for you.


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