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Friday, July 23, 2004

Automated Weblog

R. Robot is the first self-writing weblog. You can enter any name you like on the right side to get personal coverage, or just read along for general political randomness.

Searching 9/11 Report

Vivisimo offers a specialized 9/11 Commission’s Report cluster search-engine. [Via ResourceShelf.]

Japanese Cell Phones

“Keitai denwa” (or just “keitai”) is Japanese for “mobile phone”. Keitai-kunkun, on the other hand, is a device for cell-phones which emits smell when the phone gets an incoming call. And you thought vibration was original.

Video: Japanese Cell Phone Culture.

Feedster Politics

New brings “the Latest in Today’s Politics from the Official DNC Bloggers."

Free Lookout

Markus told me Lookout, the search tool for Outlook, is now published at Microsoft – and this time it’s free. To quote the download page, “you can use Lookout to search your (...) very soul."


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