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Monday, July 26, 2004


Feedsfarm is a search engine digging through a variety of news feeds. The good thing: you can grab search results from this engine as dynamic RSS. Such as the following search on Google (which I added to the news page):

[Via ResearchBuzz.]

Google Recovers After Virus

“Major Internet search engines were crippled Monday morning by a variant of the MyDoom worm, rendering Google inaccessible to many users and slowing results from Yahoo.”
– Richard Shim and Michael Kanellos, Google, other engines hit by worm variant (CNet), July 26, 2004

“Google appeared to resume normal service in the UK around 2000BST after a virus crippled its search engine.”
Google recovers after virus hits (BBC), 26 July, 2004

Google’s New S1-A, IPO Site

“Google filed another amended S-1 today (...)

So what’s new in the S-1A? “We anticipate that the initial public offering price will be between $108.00 and $135.00 per share.” They are selling more than 14 million shares, and individuals are selling another 10.5 million. Proposed symbol? GOOG. (...)

The WSJ (...) notes that a senior Google official is in trouble with the Feds for some past life stuff”
– John Battelle, New S1-A; “GOOG” to Price as Early as Today, July 26, 2004

Also, as tells, Google is launching their site.

Technorati News

Technorati started the day with a major facelift (everything looks cleaner now, and they lost the “Beta”) as well as the launch of (with a somewhat buggy pre-selection showing the same blog being listed under “liberal” as well as “conservative”). More details on the changes straight from Tantek, one of the Technorati developers.

Google Millenium

I used Google to find out how many pages there are mentioning a certain year. This was the search query (where [n] is a certain year, like 1735):

“(year | in | during | of) [n]” +the

You can view the result for the years 1000 to 2100.
Note you can move your mouse over a specific bar to see the year as tool-tip. There are two major peaks at 1492 (the year Christopher Columbus landed in America) and 1776 (the year of the French revolution).

Following up on the forum suggestions here is a second timeline. You can click on specific bars. For this timeline I queried Google for “1 AD”, “2 AD” and so on.

New Google Hacks

There are many new Google searches revealing sensitive data at Googledorks. Here are the ten most recent entries:

Show PageRank In Firefox

In Internet Explorer, you can install the official Google Toolbar to see the PageRank. For Firefox, this great extension displays the Google PageRank of the current page in the lower right of the browser.

Giant Google Art

Here’s an artist who paints a giant Google screenshot. [Via Waxy.]

Google Hearts

Here’s a Google heart to play around with. And here’s another one. [Via Spanish Googlemania.]

Austrian Googlebomb

An Austrian Googlebomb links the search phrase völlige Inkompetenz (utter incompetence) to Austrian Minister of Finances, Karl-Heinz Grasser.

New Google Patent

Google Inc has a new patent: Techniques for finding related hyperlinked documents using link-based analysis (June 22, 2004). [Via ResourceShelf.]


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