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Thursday, November 4, 2004


As I’m not the only information junkie interested in tapping the global brain, my new is open for anyone – though I admit I made the site mainly for myself. These are simply favorite RSS-enabled blogs or other news sources which I partly had trouble keeping up with (and for some reason I never became a regular Bloglines subscriber). As always, your feedback is welcome, and if you have a great blog or two to suggest, let me know.

By the way: that’s Feeeds with three “e”. Note I just registered the domain today, so if you can’t connect right now please give it some more hours.

Heavier Googlebot Activity?

Because some sites seem to have been hit harder and deeper by the Googlebot than ever before, rumors are popping up Google changed to a new crawler – and that they have much more storage space now. I don’t have any proof, nor did I notice anything unusual on my own server. Also, other people seem to talk “about Googlebots recent timidity.” [Thanks Justin F.]

Web Search Garage (Book)

Tara Calishain’s new book Web Search Garage received a rave review from SearchEngineWatch. Chris Sherman writes “Web Search Garage is the kind of book you’ll want to read slowly, trying out the techniques and sites Tara writes about and fiddling with your own variations. The book is an excellent read, and belongs on every serious searcher’s bookshelf.”
Here’s the full Table of Contents.


Turn on your speakers, and Speegle reads the search results to you.

Gmail Login Changes

AimlessWords reports that once again, Gmail changes its login procedure and breaks some (but not all) third-party tools.

Playing Lemmings

In the game Lemmings you had to guide plenty of trustful little people to their goal at the end of the cave, and I can imagine this is like being President running a country. We loved to play this gem by Psygnosis back on the Amiga 500. You had to dig holes, lay bombs, climb up the wall, build bridges, and in general do everything necessary to advance to the next level. Sometimes you had to make individuals suffer for the greater goal: when you were out of diggers, you could blow holes into barriers by using your own Lemmings (it was enough to win if just a percentage of them reached their goal). There was also a panic button in the game; press it, and you blow up all of your own people. I suppose the button was intended to free you in case you were stuck, but once in a while we’d press it just to see our Lemmings disintegrate into jaw-dropping pixel fireworks. The last thing you’d always hear from the little green-and-blue ones was a fearful, shriekish and somewhat cute Oh No!

Daniel Clowes (Video)

I’ve never seen Daniel Gillespie Clowes (the genius behind Eightball) in motion. He’s advertising Apple [MOV]. More at BoingBoing.

Are Weblog Templates Killing Creative Design?

“Dear internet, I love you very much, but I’m so very tired of seeing the same six templates. Your wardrobe is growing tiresome and you should think about heading out to the mall for some fancy new duds. Love, Heather


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