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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Google Deskbar API

Google launched the Google Deskbar API, allowing developers to add their own Deskbar plug-ins using languages of the .NET framework (such as C# or Visual Basic.NET).
Google lists the following three examples of what kind of plug-ins you can write for the deskbar:

The “Google Deskbar Plug-in Development Kit” at the Google Deskbar API homepage helps you get started, and the Deskbar API discussion group is open for questions.

The Google Deskbar (which searches the web from the Windows task bar) is not to be confused with the Google Desktop (which searches a user’s PC).

24 in 48 is a group blog event sharing the lives of 24 people over 48 hours in New York City (yesterday and today). Jason Kottke says “We’re all obsessively documenting our lives with cameraphones for the next two days.” You can see mundane stuff being photographed, like Ranjit Bhatnagar googling, but this makes it all the more interesting.


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