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Monday, November 22, 2004


BlogPulse is a blog search engine and it gives very good results. You can enter both a keyword (like “blogoscoped”) or a full URL (like “”). Especially nice is the BlogPulse Trend Search. In this visualized blogspace Zeitgeist you can enter up to three keyphrases a time to view a popularity graph. BlogPulse also shows you the key people for every day. Last not least there’s an RSS2 feed of terms which recently gained in popularity, and an RSS2 feed of current top links.


Babelplex is a mix between search engine and machine translation: it will automatically show results for your query, as well as a translation of your query.

Google Bosses Selling Stock

Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and Google CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt plan to sell some of their stock. Larry and Sergey want to sell up to 7.2 million shares, which according to AP “would generate windfalls of more than $1 billion apiece at current market prices."


PubSub claims to track over 6 million sources, yet they only delivered 4 results for “blogoscoped” after several days (PubSub works on a search-term subscription basis). Compare that to Technorati with 3 million sources: they return 219 posts in real-time.

Google Legal Issues

What’s new on the legal front? Adult magazine Perfect 10 sues Google because of copyright issues, and Google its own AdSense client because of click fraud.


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