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Saturday, November 27, 2004

New Singingfish

AOL-owned media search engine Singingfish went online with a new Beta version of their site. Enter any keyword to find audio and video files. [Via SearchEngineWatch.]

Jerry S. tells me GoFish looks even more promising. It’s a sort of product comparison search engine, interfacing commercial download services like CinemaNow.

Make Love Not Spam

The new Make Love Not Spam screensaver by Lycos constantly loads web pages advertised in spam mails; this is to make sure the spammers will find they’re having impossible traffic costs.

Future City (Quicktimy VR)

Giles Tran has a very high graphical output even though he says he doesn’t do anything visual in his day job. Take a look at Future City [MOV, 3D] and NSFW Lilith. [Via Waxy at Feeeds.]


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