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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

VisitorVille Voice

Statistic visualization software VisitorVille has a new audio feature: VisitorVille Voice.

Already, different sounds are alerting you to different states (a new visitor arrived, a VIP arrived, someone’s moving from one page to another, and so on – this is completely configurable, so you can attach your own sounds to specific IPs, or turn off different sound bites).

But today, VisitorVille introduces a female voice which can feed you different sorts of information. I find the most fascinating setting of this friendly text-to-speech lady if you let her read search terms to you. That’s right, whenever people arrive at your page via Google, you will hear what search terms they entered.

Note the quality of the text-to-speech engine is solid, but not superb (VisitorVille uses the Microsoft voices Microsoft Mary, Sam, and Mike). Sometimes confusion simply arises because search terms by their nature are out of context.

Right now, I hear a lot of “Search term: ’Google Video’” through my speakers, because that’s a hot topic people enter in Google to find their way here. Naturally, the audio works fine even when you minimize the program, so you can continue to do other things while receiving additional input. All in all, a brilliant new idea within an already brilliant statistic software.


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