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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Google To-do List

After Google now indexes closed captions, I’m wondering what else they might digitize and make findable. Here’s a convenient checklist.

 StatusProject title
Scanning the world wide webDoneGoogle Web search
Scanning the local hard diskDoneGoogle Desktop
Scanning booksDoneProject Ocean, Google Library
Scanning UsenetDoneGoogle Groups
Scanning IRCStill to doGoogle Chat?
Scanning people talkingStill to doGoogle Conversation?
Scanning meteors and other space dataStill to doGoogle Hubble?
Scanning satellite imagesDoneGoogle Keyhole
Scanning sound files, applying speech-to-textStill to doGoogle Audio?
Scanning fragrancesWorld not ready yetGoogle Nose?
Scanning instant messengersStill to doGIM - Google Instant Messenger?
Scanning cataloguesDone.Google Catalogue
Scanning melodiesStill to doGoogle Whistle-2-Find?
Scanning emailsDoneGmail
Scanning and understanding imagesStill to doGoogle Images 2
Scanning video filesStill to doGoogle Video 2?
Scanning materialsWorld not ready yetGoogle Texture?
Scanning radio channels, with speech-to-textStill to doGoogle Radio?
Scanning Word, PDF, Flash, XMLDoneGoogle Web search
Scanning people’s thoughts, on a voluntary basisWorld not ready yetGoogle Brain?
Scanning how people browse the webStill to doGoogle Browser
Scanning highway, city trafficStill to doGoogle Cars?
Scanning temples, ruins etc. using a digger botWorld not ready yetGoogle Archaeology?
Scanning the deep seaWorld not ready yetGoogle Fish?
Scanning telephones, fax & copy machines, on a voluntary basisWorld not ready yetGoogle Babble?
Scanning TorrentsStill to doGoogle BitTorrent?
Scanning cinemas, similar to Google VideoStill to doGoogle Video Plus?
Scanning magazinesDoneGoogle Print
Scanning daily newspapersStill to doGoogle News Print?
Scanning the weatherStill to doGoogle Weather?
Scanning the stock marketStill to doGoogle Money?
Scanning search enginesStill to doGoogle Meta?
Scanning SMSStill to doGoogle SMS
Scanning lost thingsStill to doGoogle Lost & Found
Scanning private packages, letters, on a voluntary basisWorld not ready yetGoogle Postal?


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