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Friday, March 4, 2005

FindForward Direct Image Search

There’s a new service at FindForward: Direct Image Search. Using it, you will not get thumbnails but actual full size images. Images are delivered from the Yahoo API. Click on any image to go to the web page which contains it.

Random Yahoo Video Composition

Again using the Yahoo API I created a randomized video composition sample.

Random Image Composition With Yahoo API

I could get the Yahoo API to work with PHP5 XML DOM methods – see my previous code sample – unfortunately I had to write a PHP4-wrapper around the XML to delete the schema links of the XML Yahoo sends (but then it works fine, in UTF-8). As a first sample solution I created a Yahoo Images composer, which overlays different random images of a specific topic.

Even though Yahoo says “the service filters out adult content by default”, this is not true – so this is not always safe for work.

The first problem aside, the Yahoo API is much easier to handle than the Google API as it sends static XML files (the REST approach – Google goes for SOAP, yet another layer you need to find a library for, and the library might be buggy or slow). It also covers a much broader spectrum than just web search, as Google does.

MyBlogLog offers a single line of JavaScript for blog authors to track how often which outgoing links from their blog are clicked. [Via Waxy.]

Netscape 8

Netscape 8 Beta is out, Waxy says (and it’s based on Firefox). I find the interface confusing.


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