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Monday, March 14, 2005

Online Poker Googlebomb

Apparently, a new Googlebomb is currently being planted by Bloggers around the world: they are linking to Wikipedia’s Online Poker page using the link text online poker, thus boosting its ranking in Google for that phrase. Currently, the Wikipedia page is at number 3. ( is first.)

The phrase “online poker” is known amongst blogger because of its high spam potential. Along with “mortgage”, “Viagra” and similar terms, “online poker” is often found in comment spam.

A poster at doesn’t like this approach of fighting fire with fire:

“I don’t understand why bloggers are doing this? Their stated goal is to stop comment spam. This stunt only addresses one keyword and not spam in general. (...) This stunt actually will increase blog spam volume for online poker in order for the spammers to compete with the wiki.”

Why is this phrase so valuable anyway? The Wikipedia page gives a clue:

“[Online poker] has been responsible for a dramatic increase in the number of poker players world wide, and as of December 2003, revenues from online poker were estimated at US$34 million per month.”


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