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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Google Hashish

Nick W. alerted me Google is now showing Hashish...

Create Your Own Comic

You can use Gnomz to create your own comics, or read what others created so far. [Via Generator Blog.]

Golden Amiga Games

If you ever had an Amiga 500, for a little nostalgia you can visit The Golden Amiga Games Encyclopedia. Remember Paradroid 90, Budokan, Moonstone, Kick Off, Shufflepuck Cafe, Another World, Prince of Persia, Shadow of the Beast, Super Cars, Rick Dangerous, or Chambers of Shaolin?

Vector Logos

It’s World Water Day...

Metafilter points to a site offering popular brand logos as free vector graphics (use the search engine on the bottom to find a logo). I’ve downloaded Google [CDR], Froogle and others. The vector graphics can be edited in e.g. Corel Draw and make a good basis for creating parodies and such.

Having a Massage

I don’t know what this page Kottke is pointing to is all about, but it presents a Flickr-style message of anyone in the sub-domain being massaged (allowing HTML injections to some point). Kottke says, “Warning, inside joke.” Try http://[yournamehere] to see for yourself.

New Wikistory

Odyssey created another random Wikipedia story (see the rules). An excerpt:

“As the sun rose, I could see the disappearing mists reveal the new Sai Ying Pun metro station. When it is completed, I should take a train to the Aberdeen Harbour and try out the famous floating seafood restaruants in the harbour. I wonder what my dad would say if I did so.

I noticed my trinity of SUVs being cleaned by my servants. I feel proud of them as I see them gleaming in the morning sun. My dad always said the Japanese cars are the best, but I prefer the American ones. So we brokered peace by going for vehicles, manufactured by CAMI Automotive, a JV between Suzuki and GM.”


BusyThumbs follows Flickr and adds tags, but there’s not much there yet. [Via Threadwatch.]

Google Hyderabad

After nine months in “Beta”, Google India is formally opening its Hyderabad office today, and there’s a tiny group photo accompanying the Google Blog’s post covering this event. Roy Gilbert, Head of Online Sales and Operations for Google India, says “this is where we help AdWords clients run their campaigns.” Incidentally, India is also the country always reported to have the most click fraud workers.


WikiWax is a “Google Suggest"-like index to Wikipedia articles. [Via SEW.]

Google’s Water Day

[Google Water Day Logo]

Google is celebrating the World Water Day. I’m not sure if that’s the reason their top search result when clicking on the logo, the site, “is down for maintenance” (Nathan Weinberg says they’ve been Googledottet). The second result at, on the other hand, loads very slow, but after a while they show:

“The United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution A/RES/47/193 of 22 December 1992 by which 22 March of each year was declared World Day for Water, to be observed starting in 1993 (...). States were invited to devote the Day, as appropriate in the national context, to concrete activities such as the promotion of public awareness through the publication and diffusion of documentaries and the organization of conferences, round tables, seminars and expositions related to the conservation and development of water resources”

I Love Bloglines T-Shirt

And that’s what you get for reading the Ask Jeeves blog (Ask, and now IAC, owns feed-reader Bloglines):

I Love Bloglines T-Shirt


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