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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


This real-life story of how a plagiarist is about to be uncovered is hilarious, cruel and enlightening at the same time – rarely does a single blog post manage to be all that! Nate Kushner says: “I’ll paste the entire thing here, not because I think it’s particularly entertaining, but because I want this page to come up on google in the event that this girl’s professor is checking out this paper for plagiarism.” [Via Waxy.]

Like a Virgin Infographic

OK, there’s some funny “matter of fact song visualization” going on [Via Waxy.] Here’s my take: a Powerpoint graphic detailing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”.

Mobile released Mobile Answers for your smartphone. The coding is far from perfect (absolute font-sizes? inline styles? JavaScript?), though the intention’s a good one. And yet – why create a second web, when the first one is media-independent by design? [Via SEW.]

Inside Yahoo 360

I’ve been invited to Yahoo 360, Yahoo’s new blogging/ email/ friendster web app. Here’s a screenshot, and here’s my sample blog. If you want to be invited, just join the chat tonight at around 20:00 CET. [Thanks Miguel C.]

Blogspace: Ask vs Google

The official Ask Jeeves blog talks about vending machines, and pokes some fun at the official Google Blog. [Via Nathan.]


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