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Saturday, October 1, 2005

Google Plans Offering Wireless Services to SF

The Wireless Weblog says, “The city of San Francisco has received a proposal from Google to offer free wireless Internet service to its residents.” [Thanks Miel.]

Googlepark Episode 2

[Enter through the tree...]

It’s the guys at Microsoft’s Channel 9 again with a new episode of Googlepark, the comic-style South Park/ Google mash up. This time: Google-Nasa, the wonderland where Larry & Sergey are making their infamous cookies. [Thanks Miel.]

The Internet Distracts

Are Google et al preventing us from gettings things done? [Via Waxy.]

Google Groups Sub-Groups

Is this new? Google Groups now seems to allow sub-groups. See the Gmail help discussion group, which has its own groups “The ABCs of Gmail”, “Problem-solving”, “POP and Forwarding”, and “Past Discussions.”

As you may know, Google Groups freely mixes those newsgroups found on the public Usenet (which Google doesn’t own, even though it arguably has the largest archive of it, and which always allowed hierarchical sub-groups) and those groups created through Google Groups itself (which Google does indeed own, and which don’t appear on Usenet).

[Thanks Dan Neal for the tip.]


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