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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

IPod Video, Indeed

The iPod Video rumors are indeed true. Watch the announcement video at Apple’s site. And here’s how Quicktime 7 Pro allows you to have your own videos on the new iPod. [Via Waxy, Digg.]

If MS Never Existed

Imagine a world where Microsoft wouldn’t be the dominant force in the IT industry... [Thanks Daniel’s father.]

Google Indexing Google Groups

Remember when Google Web Search crawled Google Blog Search, resembling a snake eating its own tail? Well, now it looks like Andreas uncovered another of those incidences: Google Groups. The robots.txt of only disallows crawling of "/groups" and "/advanced_group_search”, but not for example a thread like this one. A Google web search for [ inurl:thread] returns 145,000 results, as Andreas notes.

YIM and MSN Messenger Becoming Interoperable?

If the early news forecasts are true – SEW has a quote of registration-only WSJ – Yahoo and Microsoft will soon announce that their two instant messengers (YIM, and MSN Messenger) will be enabled to talk to each other. This could be a move against Google Talk (or AIM).


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