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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Search Engine For Sale

This could be yours...

Meta search engine Jux2 (a “comparative research tool” showing differences of search engine results) is for sale. That’s right, they’re auctioning off their own web site on eBay. You’ll get the source code, manuals, graphic files, the domain, as well as the legal right to use the jux2 brand name. The auction started at just 1 cent, but has now sprung up to $25,100. So why are they selling? According to their eBay FAQ:

“We started jux2 in our spare time as a research tool to answer questions we had about search. jux2 succeeded both as a research tool (generating thousands of searches per day and providing rich data that answered our questions) and with the search cognoscenti. We felt honored to receive critical acclaim and favorable reviews from many power searchers. To do justice to the opportunity ahead of jux2 would take more time than any of us has right now. So, we’re hoping this auction will put jux2 into the hands of someone who can take it to the next level.”

Hmm, maybe I should sell FindForward, too...

[Via John Battelle.]


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