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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fear of Flying

Faketoday’s Neil “Spin” Phelps discusses fear of flying – and how to fight it.

Author Wants Her Book In Google Print (Her Publisher Doesn’t)

Isn’t it ironic? On the web, people are paying money to help professionals SEO (search engine optimize) their site so Google et al have better chances of finding them. Offline, on the other hand, some are willing to go to great lengths to defend themselves from being found, as we can see by the cases of publishers suing Google.

Now Jason Kottke has the story of an author, Meghann Marco, who would like her new book to appear in Google’s book search engine. But her publisher in the meantime is suing Google Print, because he doesn’t want that to happen. Meghann says, “Kinda sucks for me, because not that many people know about my book and this might help them find out about it.” Meghan argues books sales are driven by word of mouth, and “A book that doesn’t get good word of mouth will fail and go out of print.”


[All splogs, no blogs!]

I just came across Splogspot, a spam blog search engine – turns out 18-year old Kailash Nadh from India had the same idea I had with Spam Google* (and probably earlier, judging from the domain creation date). At Splogspot, you can even see the recently updated splogs. [Via Digg.]

*Spam Google, by the way, has some easter eggs (happy hunting).

Lego 3D Designer

With the LEGO Digital Designer offline software, you can create your own 3D model – and then let the LEGO company ship you just the bricks you need. Might make a nice gift for a younger family member... or the kid in you. The EXE doesn’t install properly on my computer, so I can’t give this a try (wrong graphic card, the setup says).

Flash and Search Engines

Naturally, Flash is not the right format if you want your content indexed properly by Google and others. But if you are curious about how much text a search engine may still see in your SWF, try

Spiegel’s 10 Commandments of Google

Germany’s Spiegel publishes the ten commandments of Google (“never use less than 3 words”, “consult thy honorable encyclopedias”, “honor the holy syntax of Bool” and so on).

Google Defends Print Program

The official Google blog heavily defends the Google Print program, which has come under repeated fire from different organizations.

Dream Comics

Slow Wave is a collective dream diary. Every week, a new dream is being uploaded as four-panel web comic. [Thanks Ruben B.]


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