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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Google Maps Chat

This chat application uses the Google Maps API/ Ajax to display “speech bubble” like info-boxes at user locations. Very well-done. The text scrolls by much too fast when the chat room is crowded, and flooding is not blocked (note additional rooms are available). [Via Digg.]

Also see this blog’s “speech bubblified” Ajax-based chat.

Usable Specs

Google employee Ian Hixie wrote a very interesting (and illustrated) piece on why W3C specifications should be getting more precise and not more cluttered. He also covers Technorati, Monopoly, and Web 2.0, of which he says “Internet Bubble 2.0 would be a more accurate term.”

Google Reader Public List Feature?

Ilya Baklanov in the forum points to the hidden-from-display HTML Google is delivering with its Google Reader. It reads: “Other people¬ís lists”, and “You can browse through other people¬ís reading lists.” Caleb spotted similar a while ago.


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