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Friday, October 28, 2005

Forbes Attacks Bloggers

[Some rights reserved for included image by Niall Kennedy.]

Forbes (needs BugMeNot) criticizes what they call “attack blogs” which can destroy brand reputation. The article’s full of sentences like “The blog mob loves to spout off about First Amendment freedom, except when it seeks to deprive foes of the same.” Dan Gillmor replies:

“Overall, what a pile of trash from Forbes Magazine, which uses its cover to go on the attack against bloggers in the new issue. You have to register to read the stories. Go ahead if you must; it’s worth reading to see how a normally solid business magazine can go astray with an alarmist and at times absurd broadside.”

Do bloggers sometimes go too far? Of course. But if the best-read bloggers typically did work of the lousy quality shown in the Forbes stories, they’d be pilloried – appropriately so.

[Via Nathan Weinberg.]


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