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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pixel Music Video

This retro 8-bit video [MOV] (“Move your feet”) is a bit older, but still fun to watch.

Google Disrespecting Robots.txt?

In my experience, Google used to disrespect the Robots.txt or “noarchive,noindex” information of HTML pages in the sense that they still listed the naked URL (with no title, snippet etc.) in the Google index. To test this, I now added a “please-ignore-me” page to my server, and also inserted information that should prevent it from coming up in search engines. The page also contains an identifier (1299812uiw982398... etc.) which cannot be found in Google at this moment, so I can track it more easily.

After some days pass, I will be able to test Google again and see if anything got indexed.

Optical Illusion

OK, this is one of the better optical illusions. Follow the moving pink circle around for a while. Well, it’s pink. Now focus on the cross in the middle. The pink circles on the outside will disappear, and the moving circle turns green... [Via B3ta newsletter.]

Google Aliens?

“One day, maybe not too far off into the future, it will come to be known that the masters behind Google are actually aliens who have been using the search engine and all of its shadowy programs to learn about the Earth and its inhabitants. And then we’re screwed.”
– Michele Catalano, A Small Victory, October 14, 2004 [Via Chris Wetherell.]

Digg Success

“Digg, a new San Francisco Internet start-up, seeks to rank news items by letting people choose which stories they like anywhere on the Web.

And it just received $2.8 million in venture capital from some big-name investors (...)

The company says it has 80,000 registered users (...)
Digg says it has more than 500,000 daily visitors.

Digg is still largely focused on technology news, but it is building separate ranked lists for other types of news”
– Matt Marshall, Digg Shovels Up Stories By Rank (Mercury News), Oct. 28, 2005 [My emphasis.]

Here’s Digg.

Google Base Dating

“The buzz over GoogleBase continues. People Profiles are one of the drop-down category options found in the service when it was publicly available for a brief time this week.

Using the bulk upload function (think of GoogleBase as a giant public database), a free dating site could upload all their profiles, leverage the benefits of Google traffic, Adwords revenue, tagging, powerful search and all of the other Google Services, from GoogleMaps to Froogle. (...)

Unaffiliated singles could post a profile to Google, taking an end run around existing dating sites.”
– David Evans, GoogleBase for dating (Corante), October 27, 2005 [My emphasis.]

More Google Base infos.


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