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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Strange Yahoo Search Box

When you search for “google” in Yahoo Australia, Italy, France and a few other countries, there will be a second search box in the result list – and it reads “Inside Yahoo! Try the new Yahoo! Search.” This search box didn’t work differently to the normal Yahoo search for me, though. Eric Baillargeon has more.

Number of Google Employees

How many employees does Google have? According to a WebProNews article by David Utter (who cites CNet), there are 4,989 Googlers at the moment, up from 1,628 in 2003. And, David writes, even though Google added 800 new workers to the bottom line, there are still 1,100 positions open worldwide to fill. I’ve just asked Google for a statement regarding these numbers, and if I get anything back, I’ll post it here.

AdWords Tool Coders Needed

Terry sent me an email asking for someone to help him with an Google ad campaigns related tool, so I suggested to him to post in the forum. Maybe you can help.

Unlock Chinese Google Cache?

Are you a Chinese Google-user interesting in avoiding seeing a blank page when you click on a Google Cace page? Take a look at what’s just been posted in the forum.

Google Yahoo News compares the top headlines from the Google News and Yahoo! News services by putting them side-by-side. [Via Mah Sing.]

Brin Interviewed

John Battelle spoke with Google Co-founder Sergey Brin [MP3] at the Web 2.0 conference. [Thanks Dimitar Vesselinov and Ruben B.]


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