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Saturday, November 19, 2005

55 Ways: On- and Offline (and OpenOffice Experts Wanted)

Why do I prefer to include more ways to have fun with Google offline, rather than online for my upcoming book? The answer is simple: there are many occasions when you read the book when you don’t have an internet connection near you. Or you just don’t feel like turning on the computer at the moment. Therefore, ideal ways to have fun with Google as covered in the book are either online and fun to read about as well, or they’re completely offline ways.

Still, I will discuss many things in the book which have their own URL. Because it’s often tiresome to read or write long URLs, I will always enable people to enter, and so on. This style brings with it a possibly even more important feature: if the site I’m discussing moves, I can simply adjust my redirects. And if the site disappears, I can say so on without a redirect, and possibly provide alternative information.

I thought about another alternative, which is to use Googlonyms instead of URLs – that is, I would tell “to visit this site, enter ’google maps risk game’ into Google.” While this approach is fun in itself and in a way saves me from having to adjust redirects, it is somewhat unreliable and would also expose the book to googlebombers who’d try to get on top for the phrases I listed (that’s just a theoretical exposure, I realistically wouldn’t expect that to happen).

Oh, and before I forget: is live.

On a side-note, if there are any OpenOffice Writer experts out there, I’d be very happy to ask you some questions via email. I’ve run into several smaller problems (document-wide paragraph styling, page headers) where I could need your help.


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