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Friday, November 25, 2005

Ex-Google Employee Blogs

If Xooglers is what it appears to be, then it’s a brand new blog by an ex-Googler: Doug Edwards, Director of Consumer Marketing and Brand Management for Google from 1999 to 2005! Dave says, “Sergey seemed satisfied with my answers about viral marketing and rather pleased when I told him that I didn’t think a large marketing budget would be a good idea for a company in its early stages. I thought shooting hamsters out of a cannon on national TV was a waste of money.” And:

So, now I was Google’s online brand manager. What exactly did that mean? I didn’t have a clue, and evidently no one else did either. It was as if some corporate biological alarm clock had gone off: “You know, we’re at that point where we need to have somebody to do all that stuff that’s not engineering. Let’s get us some of them marketing folks. And since the world is divided between online and offline, we’ll get one of each.”

Xoogler, by the way, is short of “Ex-Googler”. Instead of writing a book on his experiences inside the Googleplex, Doug decided to just blog about it – because that’s the “Google way.”

[Via Danny Sullivan.]


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