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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Google Hacks, 2nd Edition

Google Hacks, 2nd edition (by Tara Calishain & Rael Dornfest) is out. I’m holding a copy in my hand and I’m glad my Search Grid and Centuryshare are featured as Hack #14 and #17.

I find Google Hacks to be simply the best general-purpose Google book out, covering everything from search basics to advanced tricks in easy-to-grasp chunks. The second edition brings many new ideas (and not just from FindForward).

One of the Google hacks new to me was WebCollage. This tool creates a collage of images found by feeding different search engines random words. Not always safe for work.

A special new chapter in Google Hacks is devoted to Gmail. Most importantly (and this should be of interest to many people posting in the forum every day) how to get a Gmail invite. Here are the top suggestions:

Google Images in Google Web Search

[Search for Elephants]

It looks like Google is showing a test feature to some users: upon entering a query in Google web search, thumbnails from Google Images are displayed above normal results. [Thanks Ades in the forum.]

Related: Google News showing on Google Images.

Google Encyclopedia

This English encyclopedia and dictionary was built using Google’s “define” operator and the Google translation service. All pages were assembled from scratch using nothing but a word database and screen-scraping. (Note most translations are currently still being compiled – the letter “a” gives an idea how this will look like soon.)

Google Mystery Image 2

I’ve been to Google Images again. Who or what do you see above?


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