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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Find Roles an Actor Played

Enter the name of any actor to get a list of roles he played.

Actor/ actress:

The answers are grabbed straight from Google search result snippets – a good example of the power of matching simple statements, like “michael douglas played (a | an) * *”, with the web to extract information.

Blogger Trading Cards

These blog author trading cards are quite old and really need an update.

Technorati Query Update

Blogspace search engine Technorati now understands some more advanced search queries such as tsunami AND (“red cross” OR “red crescent”), Joi Ito says.

Windows 3D

With the free, .NET-based SphereXP, you can turn Windows XP into a 3-dimensional space... and have separate Google windows behind you, to your sides, and in front of you. Though this looks very cool, it’s certainly no win in terms of usability – not in the first minutes, anyway. Simplified abstractions like 2D have a certain power mere good looks can’t challenge (even Windows XP’s more detailed “realistic” icons are a step away from our “inner image” – Scott McCloud wraps it up perfectly in Understanding Comics – and become harder to instantly recognize).

Google on 60 Minutes (Video)

Here’s the full video of Google on 60 Minutes [AVI].

Find Webcams

A Google search for inurl:"ViewerFrame?Mode=" finds lots of seemingly unsecured webcams. [Via InsideGoogle, who got it from BoingBoing.]


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