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Monday, April 3, 2006

Clooney Spam

Someone is spamming Gawker Stalker... and even blogs who once linked to Gawker Stalker (it’s a Google Maps mashup of celebrity sightings, which is why I considered it relevant to post here). Most of the spam comments or emails contain fake celebrity sightings.

While I might have taken down the link to Gawker Stalker from my previous post upon friendly notice – I might have pondered the issue, possibly coming to the conclusion that a stalker map is not a nice thing to do – I won’t give in to spam. So, at this time, and dozens of spam comments here later, the word “clooney” is on this forum’s blacklist.

The remaining question; is George Clooney really behind orchestrating this spam attack... or is this a hoax to make Clooney look bad?


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