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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday Time Wasters II

See an interesting Google spelling correction, be inspired by the nihilist job resume, grin at CNN’s strange free video offers, read through the fake celebrity news blog, watch Jon Stewart’s Daily Show on YouTube, judge whether or not this Google AdSense on a bus is real, check out this Google captcha (real or not?), laugh at the weirdly relevant Google ad, expose yourself to a Brazilian AdWords commercial, dance along to this cheesy music video, look at the Easter spam Markus received, train to do the blog sign with your hands, watch the classic Bill Gates crashes Win 98 video again, listen to the Every OS Sucks song performance, gaze in awe at real emoticons, understand that speeding saves lives, educate yourself on 100 things every guy should know, look in awe to the illusions double words, find out how you can play a game of Snake on a liquid-based display (right-click to save, the video might crash Firefox), play Tetris or 3D Super Ball, and be appalled by photoshopped stars on a diet. [Thanks everyone.]


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