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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

PageRank Overlay

If you enter the URL of any website into this SEO tool, you will see the PageRank for every link on the page. [Via Digg.]

Within Google, what’s a better status symbol than a single-letter email address? (Like Robert Pike’s [Via Digg.]

Video Games History (Video)

Google Video hosts a Discovery channel Early History of Video Games (including Bushnell’s Pong). [Via Digg.]

Google Cheat Sheet

Google has published a search tips poster for librarians (there’s a bigger, unofficial cheat sheet). [Via Danny.]

WSJ: Can Bloggers Make Money?

The Wall Street Journal lets Alan Meckler and Jason Calacanis debate the question, can you make money by blogging?

Find Freebies

If you want to have companies send you free samples of, well, just about anything (coffee, magazines, shrimp recipe brochures), the Freebie Finder may be for you. Creator Andrew explains how the site works:

“Aggregates freebie links from around the web while removing scams and referral pyramids. Does this through an algorithm that verifies links across multiple sites. Scams tend to have unique IDs embedded in the links, while actual links usually don’t. This heuristic seems to work very well at removing almost all scams.”


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