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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Download This Blog’s Chat

I’m releasing the Google Blogoscoped chat application as open source/ GNU GPL CC license. This includes the cartoon graphics, the ability to create multiple rooms, and the quiz game the bot can play. The installation steps are:

  1. You need PHP5 + MySQL
  2. Download the ZIP
  3. Run the SQL contained in “sql-generate.txt” on your MySQL
  4. Insert your database name, user and password within “database.php5”
  5. Change graphics as needed
  6. Upload the whole PHP5 project as a “chat” folder onto your root
  7. You can now type or[name]/ to chat

Enjoy, and if you do install it please post your URL or other feedback in the comments.

Update: There was a minor but problematic bug in the script with a file extension (a PHP file was accessed but the file is called PHP5). This is now fixed, so please update the chat source – only the file “dynamic.js” changed.


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