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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mastering Tetris and Arkanoid (Videos)

This guy is pretty good at Tetris. Another guy skillfully plays Arkanoid.

Japanese Music Video Craze

What a great video collection of Hinoi Team on Google.

Spam to Art

Don’t know what to do with all your Gmail spam? Here’s something you might enjoy. Remove all personal information from the spam mail and forward it to You’ll get an instant reply with link which will show a (customizable) animation of the spam mail. [Via Pixelisten.]

Update: Be careful, looks like this tool itself bulk-mails some of you (see the comments).

Football Accidents Video

This video is for all the World Cup haters out there...

Google Polluting Itself

Looks like Google is polluting itself by allowing some search results to be indexed and turned into even more search results (which creates a redundant mirror of web noise). This is usually only the approach of spammers. For example, Ionut found, on which Google indexed over 2 billion search results of the loan/ poker/ casino type. (That particular site might be banned already.)

GoogTube Best Videos Blog

The GoogTube blog shows the best videos from Google Video and YouTube. Like the monk with steel balls or the Google Earth table top. [Via Digg.]

Google Employee on "Web 2.0"

From an interview at Hot From Silicon Valley with Google’s David Lawee, Principal for Corporate Development:

“I think the Web 2.0 thing, gets one of two reactions, it’s huge, or it’s not. And my point of view is more off the middle. There’s definitely going to be companies that could be the next Google, and I think Google has the humility to know that and to keep an eye on the growth of companies like MySpace, obviously staggering. But there’s 50 more companies that will probably do more, I think we are at a period of time where we have enough broadband, enough users, enough all of the things that were necessary to actually have things transform into opportunities. Everything done in the last 15 years, was building to this point, all of which is not even 1.0, it’s like 0.1.”

[Thanks Dimitar Vesselinov.]


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