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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Happy Birthday, FutureSplash

SmartSketch aka FutureSplash Animator is turning 10 years old. What, you don’t know it? Well, it has been renamed to Macromedia Flash since version 1.0... Wired put up an interview with a Flash product manager, there’s a (noisy) contest to vote on historical Flash apps, and Wikipedia has more on the history of Flash. (On a related note, give this search for “skip intro” a try.) [Via Pixelisten.]

Google’s Doc

Roland Piquepaille intervieweed Taraneh Razavi, a doctor at the Googleplex, about her blog.

Also see the blogs of her and other Google employees all on one page.

Google Releases AdWords API Sandbox

If you want to test programming the Google AdWords API but you don’t want to waste quota points, you can now use the AdWords Sandbox API. Just change the subdomain of the WDSL file for your SOAP request to from “” to “”. (Hey, we saw that subdomain before!)

[Thanks Sankar Anand.]


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