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Monday, August 14, 2006

Google Images Layout Prototype?

Assaf Rafaeli says he saw a new kind of Google Image search results formatting. Somewhat similar to what Microsoft Live is doing, detailed information on images are only visible when you hover over the image. Assaf writes:

The new interface only displays the associated text for every image. The rest of the information for each image is displayed when the mouse hovers above it, and a blue rectangle appears around the image. The “hidden” information includes: height, width, size, type, host URL, and for images that have that option – a link to more results from the same host.

Not sure if that’s an improvement... the domain of an image often contains crucial information. But I could definitely get away with the file type and file size.

Haochi in the comments to Assaf’s post points out that what Assaf saw might have been caused by a Firefox extension, though.

[Via Google System. Image by Assaf Rafaeli.]


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