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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Acronyms 2.0

You know LOL, ROTFL, and BBL, but I think it’s time for a couple of new acronyms. Like...

    Sorry, Your Mail Landed in the Spam Folder
  2. ICSRG
    I Can Still Reach Google (often used as proof the internet works)
  3. BOL
    Blogging Out Loud
  4. ITS?
    Is This Spam? (typically answered with TIS: This Is Spam)
    Back When Pluto Was a Planet (for example “BWPWAP, I worked for Microsoft”)
  6. IDOP
    It Depends On the Price (commonly used as answer to “Can you program this web 2.0 site?”)
  7. IDKYMB2
    I Didn’t Know Your Mom Blogs Too
  8. SASOE
    Selling A Start-up On Ebay (usually uttered after 3 - 6 months)
  9. IBS
    I’ve Been Slashdotted (variants: IBF: I’ve Been Farked, IBB: I’ve Been BoingBoinged etc.)
  10. IIW2?
    Is It Web 2.0? (as in “OK that’s nice, but IIW2?”)

Do you have more?


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