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Friday, December 1, 2006

Years Ago

“25 years ago I setup my first Business Network. There were 60 odd PC’s without HDD or Floppy drives and each had 1 MB of RAM and 512K on Video Card. The PC’s were aa new batch of 80386 systems.”

“24 Years ago, I started kindergarden at Mission Manor Elementary in Tucson. I remember those years fondly as it was a time when I was always the smart kid in class, and things came easy to me. I was not the popular one though, as I was also the shy kid in class.”

“23 years ago I was given an FE for my 15th birthday. That camera has been through hell and high water and keeps on ticking.”

“22 years ago, I was clueless why am I here.. and still I am..”

“21 years ago I first met David. 21 years later we are still going strong!”

“20 years ago, I was 8 years old. I was in third grade; Mrs. Robinson was my teacher. It was the first time, I had to sit in desks that were in straight rows and keep all my books on the rack underneath my chair. She was strict, and I was always scared of her. She was the only teacher that ever put my name on the board. The crime? My papers were not signed by a parent.”

“19 years ago I became a coffee brigadista for six weeks in the Matagalpan mountains. Afterwards I stayed on in Nicaragua for six months, working on a project for refugees from El Salvador, building latrines and generally drinking in the heady, rum-filled atmosphere of revolution.”
Andrew Anthony

“18 years ago I saw the light of day. The birth was really traumatic. Me from a warm, comfortable world, the heartbeat of mom was very comforting and I always had enough to eat. Then glaring light and masked people who thrashed me! But then.... I knew mom. I nestled to her and she smiled happily. Since then I knew that this world couldn’t be that bad if there’ re more of these female beings.”

“17 years ago I was at the same school I am in now, in a music program. I basically goofed off for the whole year and got some pretty bad grades, even got an F in one class.”

“16 years ago, I was still in college and we were in the process of moving into an apartment where we would be assistant managers. I had left to return the truck and when I came back, Sue told me her water broke. Holy Cow!!! It started. I have to laugh at how silly I was about the whole thing back then. I was still just a kid myself back then too.”

“15 years ago I was demonstrating Visual Basic 1.0 on the floor of Windows World.”
Mike Galos

“14 years ago, I learned that the newspaper business, really is a business. Our managing editor was laid off without notice in the first of several rounds of cutbacks”
David Stoddard

“13 years ago, I had a crush on Melanie S.”

“12 years ago I broke up with this guy I’d been dating. At the time, I had trust issues, and I was fed up with his excuses for disappearing for weeks at a time. Then out of the blue, about six months ago, I had a dream about him. Nothing romantic, but it got me thinking.”

“11 years ago – i made my first webpage.”

10 years ago... what did you do?

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