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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Google Scholar Creator Interviewed

Google posted an interview with its Google Scholar lead engineer, Anurag Acharya. Anurag says, “We try to rank [Google Scholar] search results as a researcher in the area would. We take into account many factors, including who wrote the article, where it was published, how relevant the article is to the query, and what other articles have said about it.”
Google also introduces a couple of other engineers working on Scholar; Alex Verstak, Robert Tansley, and Christian DiCarlo.

Google’s Secret Storage (Cartoon)

Here’s where Google gets all the Gmail hard drive space... [Via Digg.]

Microsoft Book Search

Looks like Google Books got new competition: as of today, Windows Live Book Search does something quite similar. It’s slow (that may be launch-day syndrome) and only shows older, public domain books. The MSN search blog says, “Check out the user experience: very clean!”, and I’ll add, very much, ugh, copied from Google, too (not that you’d have that many reasonable choices of presenting books in the first place).
[Via MSN search blog and Search Engine Land.]

Google YouSnoop (Humor)

NewsBiscuit writes:

Google today launched a handy new facility which allows browsers to observe the private lives of any other computer user. Google ‘YouSnoop’ seamlessly combines YouTube, its recently acquired video posting website, with Google Earth, Google Mail and Picasa to reveal images, personal correspondence and much more about unsuspecting strangers.

[Via Google System.]

North Korea No Longer a Threat (Cartoon)

Nice one.
[Thanks TomHTML!]


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