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Friday, December 8, 2006

Adult Sci-fi on Google Code Search

Oh geez... a Star Trek fan-fiction sex adventure surfaced on Google Code Search! (Safe for work, unless you want to play it, I guess.) To quote from the source (which Google’s obviously not responsible for, they just fully reprint it)...

dancewithdesc ( actor ) = { "You and [Dr. Beverly Crusher] dance a quiet, soft, close dance around her quarters. It is really quite chaste, but you find yourself intoxicated by her scent and stimulated by your grasp and hers, both of which stray far lower on each others’ backs than is supposedly called for with this step.";

Also see my QML for multiple-choice text adventures.

And here’s Spock as an image mosaic created with help of the Yahoo API.

[Found by You’ve Been Hacked.]


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