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Friday, February 9, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith’s Death Attracts Advertisers

I’m currently counting 8 advertisements for the query anna nicole smith on Google’s US search results. Every one of these advertisers is investing some money to get your attention. Some of these campaigns were created in a hurry – the NYT spells itself “The New York Tmes” –, others are trying to use the occasion to make you download toolbars.

Anna Nicole Smith
Find Out About Her
Sudden Death at TMZ

Anna Nicole Smith
Read Bios, See Photos, Browse Movie
Titles & More at AOL® Moviefone

Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Nicole, Shortly Before Death:
’It’s Always a Battle’. Learn More.

Anna Nicole Smith
Is Anna’s Sudden Death Drug Related
Find Out w/The Free Gossip Toolbar!

Anna Nicole Smith Dies
Watch The Anna Nicole Smith Story
ClipBlast Web Video Search - Free

Anna Nicole Smith
The New York Tmes reports on the
death of the actress and model

Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Nicole Smith Dead at 39
See Her Life in Photos

Facebook Virgin Islands
A simple variation.
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