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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Getting Google to Hear You...

Aaron Stanton wanted to get a meeting with Google to present his idea to them. Only problem? He didn’t have an appointment. So beginning of this month, according to his video blog at, he hopped on a plane to California, arguing that if Google doesn’t give him a meeting, he’ll just be “going to sit in their lobby like a spoiled child in hopes that they’ll change their mind.” Aaron adds that “Every once in a while you have to give an idea a shot, or you spend your entire life passing up ideas that seem just beyond your reach.”

Well, turns out Aaron’s campaign was a success, and Google did hear him out – yesterday, he did get the meeting, and was able to pitch his product idea to David from Google. And if his idea is rejected? At least Aaron tried. Or in the words of Rupert Pupkin in King of Comedy: “Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime.” (Note: Rupert actually kidnapped a show host to get air time – to my knowledge, Aaron left the Google founders unharmed so far.)

[Via Digg.]

Update: Aaron’s site hit the Digg frontpage just now and is down. The videos are available on Google Video, though: part I, II and III.


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