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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Google Health Plan (Dilbert Cartoon)

PacificDave says he lost track of how many times Scott Adams referenced Google, and points to another mention. From the cartoon: “The new company health plan is Google”...

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[Thanks PacificDave!]

Yahoo Co-Founder Donates to Stanford

Yahoo’s co-founder Jerry Yang will donate $75 million to Stanford University, the AP reports. Stanford is not only the place where Google was born, but also where Jerry and David Filo began the Yahoo web links directory in 1994. (Aww, 1994... don’t you want to go back to that year with your current knowledge to buy a couple of domains and try out a couple of website ideas? Then again, you’ll probably wish to go back to 2007 in a couple of years with the knowledge you have by then...)

[Thanks Brinke in the forum! Photo courtesy of Yahoo.]

Planting Trees, Virtual and Real

I suppose this site’s action may pop up on Google Maps’ satellite images in a couple of years:

Tree-Nation will plant 8 million trees in Africa in the shape of a huge heart to fight Climate Change and Poverty. (...) Inspired by Google maps we built our own special version to be able to plant 8 million trees, all with blogs and profiles.

[Thanks Andy!]

Search Box Ads Popular in Japan

Andreas notices that in recent times, it became popular in Japan (and possibly elsewhere?) to show TV or train ads that feature “a mocked up web search box, suggesting the keyword you should use for getting to the site of the vendor in question, without having to remember its (often awkward) non-Japanese URL.” It turns out these companies then buy e.g. AdWords for the suggested searches to ensure they’re indeed on top of that result... a “huge cash cow" for the search engines, as Andreas puts it. And a bit of a risk for the one putting up the train or TV ad – after all, a competitor may outbid their search results ads.

[Thanks Andreas! Photo CC-licensed by Andreas.]

Google NY Gallery

Information Week has a couple of photographs of Google’s New York office. The obligatory Google whiteboard snapshot shows a portrait of the “Google Engineer of the Future.” [Thanks Brinke and Search-Engines-Web!]


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