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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Google’s Timeline Feature

I’m curious what interesting searches you have done with Google’s recently launched timeline operator, part of Google Experimental. To recall, adding view:timeline to any search query will now show a timeline view of Google results (snippets are broken down into sequentially listed dates; the view:map operator on the other hand presents results on a map).

On a side-note, it might be revealing to see a combination of Google’s location & time axis results. You’d enter, say, “Albert Einstein,” and see a Google Maps illustration with placemarks labeled with years, and arrows pointing out the movement during the years (the locations at which Einstein lived, as well as otherwise important places in his life). This could also be turned into a map widget with a slidable control, again showing different placemarks – e.g. a person’s or an army’s movement – over time.

A mock-up with semi-random locations & dates

Also see the Centuryshare Calculator.


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