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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What Did Your Visitors Ask?

Google Analytics allows you to see what people searched for in Google to find your site – if you inserted their little tracker code into your template, that is. They do so by checking the referrer value, which for most search engines contains the keywords entered (e.g. The top search your site ranks well for can often bring heavy traffic, but you can also dig in Google Analytics to uncover more obscure, and fun, search queries entered (just look for the “find keywords” box at the bottom of the Traffic Sources -> Keywords page). Give it a try by looking for “why”, “who”, “where” and such – you might be surprised about the kinds of questions your visitors asked.

Here are some of the keywords containing the word “why” that were used to find this blog, and I’m picking up the conversation below each query. If you have some interesting search queries from your site with the word “why”, please share in the comments!

[Inspired by via Manoj Nahar.]


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