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Monday, October 8, 2007

Add an Info View to Google Results

Google Experimental is a service letting you try out new search prototypes from Google, and they now added an “Info View” to these.

To see these special results, log-in to your Google Account, visit Google Experimental and hit the first “Join this experiment” button (under the “Alternate views for search results” category). Now whenever you visit, you’ll see the Experimental logo instead of the normal Google logo. And when you search for something, say albert einstein, you’ll find some tabs below the search box on the results page. Switch to the “info view” tab and to the right side, you are able to click e.g. “images”, which will replace the result snippets with thumbnails from the site, where applicable. Other alternative snippet views are dates, or measurements, or locations, each highlighting a different portion from the target page.

Who knows, one day some of these experiments may become integrated into Google results by default... and then, Google may not offer the dates/ measurements/ images togglers, but instead just decide on which view may be most fitting to your query. Though I suppose Google is still wary of adding too much clutter to the SERPs – some of the existing oneboxes are already quite extensive.

[Via Google System.]


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